Forum Numerica - Katia Obraczka "Towards the Internets of the Future" [July 26, 2018]


The Internet has revolutionized the way we work, play, learn, shop, move, etc. Still, the Internet revolution is likely to continue, especially given wireless communication technology advances (e.g., 5G, D2D, etc), as well as the availability of smaller devices with increasing computation and storage capabilities. This talk will examine some of the main challenges posed by future internets and will describe some research projects motivated by these challenges that are being conducted at the University of California Santa Cruz's Internetworking Research Group (i-NRG).

Speaker’s Bio:
Katia Obraczka is Professor of Computer Engineering at UC Santa Cruz. Before joining UCSC, she was a Research Scientist at USC's Information Sciences Institute (ISI) and had a joint appointment at USC's Computer Science Department.
Prof. Obraczka's research interests span the areas of computernetworks, distributed systems, and Internet information systems. Her lab, the Internetwork Research Group (i-NRG) at UCSC, conducts research on designing and developing protocol architectures motivated by the internets of the future. She has been a PI and a co-PI in a number of projects sponsored by government agencies (e.g., NSF, DARPA, NASA, ARO, DoE, AFOSR) as well as industry (e.g., Cisco, Google, Nokia). She is a Fellow of the IEEE.

FORUM NUMERICA is sponsored by the UCAJEDI “Networks, Information and Digital Society” Academy.


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