Maintenance programmée

Une maintenance du serveur UCApod est prévue mardi 11 mai 2021 (matin).

Nous vous invitons à éviter tout transfert de contenu ce jour là.

UNSpod is harvestable through OAI-PMH at “”.

As a public repository, only the resources

  • created by teachers, researchers and staff of the University;
  • accessibles without authentication;
  • not password protected;
  • not in “draft” mode;

are published.

For now two metadata formats are available : “oai_dc” (minimum required by the protocol) and an implementation of Lom/LomFR/SupLOMFR in ß version.

This repository has a private variant, publishing in addition the resources accessible after authentication. Password protected or “draft” resources are never published by none of the variants.

This repository passes the following tests:

For further information, or if you wish to harvest UNSpod via the private repository, feel free to contact us.